- reinforced concrete structures,

- reinforcement 2D and 3D,

- watertight structures and underground tanks,

- filigree prefabricated slabs (standard and prestressed).


- steel halls,

- frame buildings,

- HSQ-type welded beams,

- trapezoidal sheets,

- wall reinforcements with steel beams, etc.


- roofs,

- framework buildings (Norwegian system), 

- reinforcement of wooden floors, etc.

Brick walls

- masonry buildings,

- reinforcement of existing structures,

- demolition of walls, etc.


- most of the known structural foundations, ie .: bottom plates, benches, feet, piles, wells, replacement and strengthening of soil, strengthening existing foundations, micropiles,

- the foundations of the acoustic screens, fundmenty the industrial equipment,

- retaining walls, ground anchors, piles palisades sheet piles made of steel sheet piles,

- deep excavation protection, such as the Berlin wall, sheet piling made of steel sheet piles, palisade made of piles, ground anchors,

- basement deepening, etc.


- seismic analysis of buildings in seismic regions (ie Scandinavia) according to Eurocode 8.

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